Rest Well Knowing Your Water is Flowing!

Our industrial strength, FDA approved drinking water safe, heated water hoses are simply the most reliable, efficient and durable hoses in the marketplace. They are manufactured with only the highest quality parts available and guaranteed to perform in the most extreme environments.  Proven at -40C/F in Alaska.

10 Reasons Why this is the Hose for YOU

Best Warranty  - We'll DOUBLE any warranty our competitors offer!

Dependable 24/7- OTHERS  burn, break, freeze, leak, burst, under perform and short out

No temperamental THERMOSTATOnly hose that is self regulated throughout
 No Bad Taste - Our hoses meet the highest standards available worldwide
Insulated - Only hose with a thermal foam seal
Protected - Only hose with an outer braided polyester monofilament.
Efficient - Only draw 1.5A per 25' of hose   

 Fittings - Hydraulic crimped forged brass fittings.  

Buy Direct - No Middlemen -  No Finger Pointing
You'll always receive a prompt response from a decision maker.  

 You'll Love the Hose and Tell All Your Friends! 

  If you need more details, , see our SPECS and FAQ's sections.

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