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Our no freeze heated hoses can handle the coldest temps with ease

The only heated hose you'll ever buy

Our military strength, self-regulated, insulated heated waste hoses and insulated heating drink water hoses are simply the most reliable, efficient and durable hoses in the marketplace.

Built for commercial use, and offered to individuals, they are manufactured with only the highest quality parts available and guaranteed to perform in the most extreme environments.  

Guaranteed to outperform and outlast any hose or your money back.   

Proven at -30C/F in the most extreme environments.



Fantastic! Reliable!

We sold our home last Fall and lived in the travel trailer through the winter. Wind chills below zero. No underpinning. Wow! This hose is so awesome!

Pamela B.

Best Ever

This hose is excellent!! I live in the mountains in Colorado and we get some very cold nights. The quality is fantastic.

Michael E.

No more winter RV stress!

Cannot recommend this hose enough. It’s a little more expensive but WORTH EVERY PENNY. And you’re supporting a small biz.


5 years and going strong

Hats off to you for a great product, my trade is an industrial insulator I’ve made hoses before however your workmanship is top notch.

Stephen K.

The real deal!

Tried countless other products and they all froze up or broke. Nofreezewaterhose is where its at!!

Moose Creek Ranch

Best heater water hose

The no freeze water hose is the best heater hoses I ever had.

Howard P.

Best hose on the planet

Money well spent and I could not be happier. I used it the last two winters and it is flawless, -20 being the coldest.

Jimmy G.

Happy Camper

If it would have been an option, I would have given it a 10 star rating!!!


Adventurous Way reviews and installs a few of our hoses

Flows when others fail...

Dependable 24/7

Will not burn, break, freeze, leak, burst, under perform or short out

No temperamental THERMOSTAT

Only hose that is self regulated throughout the entire hose


Only hose with a water proof thermal foam sea


Only hose with an outer braided polyester monofilament


Only draw 1.5A per 25' of hose and insulated 


Will last for years on end

Who trusts our hoses

RV Life magazine
Pipeliners Hall Of Fame News


Check out the gallery for examples and even upload you setup to show off
You count on our hoses

Why people use our hoses

Rocky Ground, Steep Inclines, Frozen Tundra, Water from Pump House, Water to Pond, Back Yard Skating Rinks, Power Sprayers, Hood Cleaners, Car Washes, Filling Stock-Tanks, Hot House Water Supply, Water for Livestock and Horses, Washing Equipment and many more.
The top choice for performance

Commercial & Industrial Uses

Water supply to Job-Site Trailers, Concrete Cutting, Temporary Housing, Mobile Workforce, Water Treatment Plants, Emergency Triage, Mobile MRI, Demolition, Abatement, Asbestos Removal, Man Camps, Coal Mines, Dust Control, Cement Trucks, Municipal Water Supply, Portable Restrooms, Bridge Builders, Prefabrication, Modularization, Port Authorities, Decontamination and Special Forces.
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