• How does it work?

Our electrically heated hose assembly method utilizes a 110 VAC UL rated waterproof heated circuit. The circuit is spirally wrapped around a 3/4" heavy duty, drinking water approved hose which is thermally insulated.

  • At what end of the hose is the cord set?
It makes no difference.  All of our hoses have male fittings on each end.  Female fitting with washers tend to leak, wear out or break.  Instead, we provide a female-to-female with each hose allowing you the needed flexibility and assured durability of our hose since the female fitting is the likeliest spot for breaking.
  • Will I need to constantly monitor the hose and its temperature?

No. There is no need to monitor the hose as the self-limiting heater is pre-programmed to operate only when needed.

  • Do I need to turn it on and off?

No. Once plugged in, there is no point in which you must turn the unit off.

  • Is there a thermostat?

No. Because the core material continuously varies its heat output all along the pipe as temperatures change, there is no need for a thermostat.

  • Does the hose offer ground fault protection?

Yes. The 1996 National Electric Code (NEC) requires ground fault protection for each branch circuit supplying electrical heating equipment.

  • Will the hose work on DC voltage?


  • What will it cost to operate daily?

Based on a 25-foot hose, roughly 2.5 kW of electricity, or about 25¢ a day.

  • Can I modify the hose?

DO NOT alter the hose in any manner.

  • Can the hose be used to transfer other liquids?

No. DO NOT attempt to transfer oil, waste, or other liquids.  We are happy to build you a custom hose if you have a need.

  • Are your products manufactured overseas?

All hoses are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Is there a warranty?

Yes.  We will double the best warranty you can find form all heated water hose manufacturers.  Of course we will not replace any hose that has been cut or tampered with. The legitimacy of any claim of defect with be determined at our sole discretion.

  • What if I'm not happy with the hose?

Simply return within 30 days of the purchase date and we will refund 100% of your money less the shipping costs.

  • What if you don't carry my size?

Our hoses are designed so that you can attach them together to form a longer hose if needed. However, you cannot daisy chain our hoses.  For maximum performance, each hose should have a separate power source.

  • Can I order a custom-length hose?
We are happy to build custom hoses up to 100' in length.  We can also build waste hoses, grey hoses or any hose that needs to keep flowing in freezing weather.
  • How long is the power cord?

The power cord is 6 feet long.

  • Can the hose lay on top of the ground?

Yes. If snow falls on the hose, it will eventually melt.

  • Can the hose handle our winter months?

Yes, up to -40° C/F.

  • What is the minimum diameter the hose can be coiled into for storage?

The minimum diameter for storage is 24 inches (2 feet).

  • How do I know that the hose is working?

The heating element in the hose is activated in temperatures near or below freezing. In these conditions, the hose should feel warmer than its surrounding environment.

  • Will the hose keep the spigot from freezing?

No. You will need to take appropriate steps to ensure that the spigot does not freeze.

  • Will the hose heat the water?
No, it will simply prevent the water from freezing.