Our Heated Water Hose Story

Flows while others FAIL

15 years ago we began providing pipeliners working the Bakken formation in North Dakota a solution for what would seem like a simple problem; keep their water flowing, from the spigot to their RV's, 24/7.

As a very industrial group of individuals, many built solutions themselves with heat trace, heat tape, insulation, garden hoses, you name it.  But after hours of frustration, their homemade fix usually ended in ultimate failure by seasons end; if not sooner.

You see, these folks work with reliable industrial equipment daily and demanded the same in a heated water hose.   Because their time is so valuable, they were willing to pay a little more as-long-as they could rest easily knowing they could have a 24/7 plug and turn solution.  

We delivered!  However, little did we know how much it would improve their lives.  

So now, were changing the game again!  

Because we believe in our hoses so much, we will double whoever has the best warranty in the business!  

In reality, we don't even need a warranty.  Of the thousands of hoses we have in the field, last year we had two, yes 2, hoses returned due to failure.  Maybe it was our fault, maybe not.  In any case, we simply fixed the 2 hoses and made them happy beyond their highest expectations.

Yes, there is still a company in America that believes in doing business the old fashion way.... The right way! 

We have built many great relationships and it is a great feeling knowing we solved so many problems for so many wonderful folks.  Here’s to the next decade!

Warm regards,