Waste Hose Conversion Kits

Waste Hose Conversion Kits

When it comes to the dreaded waste hose connection point, the RV and tiny home industry did not do us any favors.  Since the beginning, the 4 point, bayonet fitting has been standard on all RV's. 

There is a better way.  



Option 1 - Easy - With this option we utilize a 4 prong custom bayonet with a 3" poly cam lock converter and end plug.  Simply connect to your current waste fitting and you are ready to use any of our waste hoses.   



Option 2 - Preferred - This requires a little simple plumbing, but will be the only fix you'll ever need.  With this conversion kit, you skip the dreaded bayonet fitting by sawing off the four male prongs on your current waste connection point.  From here, simply sand, clean and glue on our custom 3" poly cam lock.  



While both options are huge improvements, the preferred Option 2, your future waste hose dealing will be a breeze and you will not risk breaking the bayonet fitting .  Cam locks are the standard in all major industries and once you make the conversion you will quickly agree this is the only logical solution.