Premium Drinking Water Hoses

Premium Drinking Water Hoses

Premium Drinking Water Hoses

The highest quality, two ply, drinking water safe hoses, developed specifically for the RV industry.  

Construction:    Tube - Pure white PVC compound, formulated in compliance with applicable  FDA, RoHS requirements and meets NSF criteria.

                          Cover - Blue high quality PVC compound, uniquely blended to provide excellent abrasion and weather resistance.

                           Reinvorcement - High tensile strength yarn, to prevent elongation under pressure.  Forged brass fittings that will not crush.

Features:     High purity NSF-61 certified material eliminates water quality concerns regarding surfaces what are contacted by potable water. 

                     Inner tube is less porous than the tube in commonly used hoses and is easier to flush and keep clean.


                     White inner tube with blue cover reduce tendency for algae growth in warm, sunny environments. 

                      Extremely light weight, 25% lighter than conventional rubber hoses.

                      Strong and durable...ideal for construction site and high traffic areas.

                      Heavy duty construction limits kinking in the hot summer sun.

                       Does not leave a bad taste or odor in the water,