10 Cold Weather RV Tips That Will Change Your Winter

October 18, 2017 Ken Morris

10 Cold Weather RV Tips That Will Change Your Winter

Fall is coming, and most RVers are making plans to store their RV for the winter. But don't pack it up just yet. What if you didn't have to stop RVing just because winter is coming? The cold weather doesn't have to lock your nomadic heart up for the season. With a few cold weather RV tips, you'll be able to keep traveling through those winter months. Batten Down the Hatches On Your Cold Weather RV When you're RVing in the summertime, little gaps in your windows and doors aren't going to be a huge deal. But on a cold...

The Vermont Spatzle Company

September 08, 2017 Ken Morris

Would you believe The Vermont Spatzle Company has a need for our high quality heated water hoses?  This is right up there with our Mushroom Farmer in Minnesota.  Check them out at  Great company, great product, great guy. Continued Success.  Prost!

Free Shipping Thru Labor Day!

September 08, 2017 Ken Morris

As part of our 10 year anniversary, we will offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. thru Monday.  Ours Flows while others Fail!

10 Years and Going Strong

August 10, 2016 Ken Morris

To mark our 10 year aniversary, and because our product performs so well, we are doubling down on our warranty.  In fact, we will double any warranty offered by our competitors.   Why?  Because are heated water hoses do not break.  It's that simple.  You may pay more now, but you'll rest well knowing our will perform for you!