RV Checklist: A Heated Water Hose and Other Essentials

by Ken Morris

RV trips have become increasingly popular among Americans because of the many amazing locations than an RV can take you to. Nowadays, there are many RV essentials that you can bring along to make your RV trip a comfortable one at any time of the year.

In order to have a successful, stress-free trip, you will want to make sure you have a checklist full of the necessities that you and your family will require. From key items for showering such as a heated water hose, to items key to entertainment while on the road such as an auxiliary cable for the TV or a wifi connection.

Before you go out on an RV trip to your next destination, you need to make sure you have all the necessities. Here is a list of just a few essentials that you will need before your RV trip begins!

1. Heated Water Hose

Whether you're looking to take a trip in the summer or winter months, a heated water hose is key to having a successful RV trip. There is nothing worse than having to take a shower while on a trip only to find that the hose connecting the RV to the water supply is frozen.

While there are ways to unfreeze a frozen hose, they are very wasteful and can lead to a lot of unnecessary expenses. Instead of wasting your money and time, you may want to buy a heated water hose.

The no-freeze hose has proven to still work even under -40C temperatures in Alaska, by utilizing a 110 VAC UL waterproof heated circuit. Once plugged in, there's no need to turn the water off until you have to go.

2. Camping Gear

Whether you plan on taking some time in the wilderness or not, it is a good idea to pack some camping gear on your RV trip in case you get tired of sleeping in the RV or want to take advantage of being in nature. There are many types of camping gear to bring, and some are more important than others.

From nighttime necessities like a tent and a sleeping bag to hiking necessities like boots and a portable water filter, you can never go wrong with camping gear. This gear can also be very useful during your trip. Using items such as a portable phone charger can serve you well at any time, not just while camping.

3. Toiletries

You will definitely not want to run out of toiletries, so you must make sure you have a solid amount of things like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant before going off on your RV trip.

A good tip is to make sure you overpack for these trips as you never know when you might be delayed. While bringing a travel-size version of these toiletries may be smart for short, solo trips, you can actually save more money by buying full-size items and splitting it amongst your family.

You will also want to look for RV-friendly items of personal hygiene for things such as toilet paper and toilet cleaner. You will not want to risk messing with your RV's toilet and putting your RV at risk of the smell of a broken toilet.

4. Entertainment

While being on the road for extended periods of time may not seem to difficult at first, you will want to bring along various forms of entertainment, especially when you're on the road with children. It is heavily suggested that you bring a TV and some form of internet connection on RV trips.

By bringing along these electronics, you will make the trip easier on yourself and anyone else traveling alongside you. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find portable internet connections through your phone carrier, and you will be glad you took the steps to do so.

Along with a television, don't forget to consider bringing a gaming console and maybe even a coaxial cable. Many campsites have TV connection, so you can hook your RV up and catch up with the outside world through your television.

5. Tools

The only thing worse than something going wrong while on an RV trip is not being able to fix it. Make sure you bring along anything you might need to combat any issues that may come up while on the road.

From basic tools such as a hammer and screwdriver to more complicated items such as a fuse puller and channel locks, you will want to have everything you might need and more to keep your trip going.

Keep in mind that if you do encounter major issues while traveling, you will want to take your RV to a repair shop before going further. While being a handyman is great, there is nothing better than foolproof professional help, especially when dealing with an RV.

6. Kitchen Essentials

Unless you plan on stopping at restaurants twice a day, you will want to bring along some cooking supplies so you and your family can be well-fed. Bringing along items such as pots, pans, and silverware can be key in keeping your family's stomachs full.

When it comes to the type of food to bring along on the trip, be sure to focus on non-perishables that will be nutritious for your family. Food items such as can souped and pasta are always advisable and will keep you in great shape while on the road.

Don't forget to also pack cooking gear for when you go camping as well. Tools for starting fires in the wilderness can go a long way when camping and should definitely be on your RV checklist.

Are You Ready for Your RV Trip?

Before you get ready to go, make sure you run through this RV checklist. Of course, there are many more items you may need before you go. Make sure you run through your family's individual needs, from medicines to inhalers, before you head out.

On top of all of that, don't forget your no-freeze water hose. If you're in the need of a heated water hose before your next RV trip, to make sure that your family can always get the water they need while trekking, make sure to visit our website. Happy trails!

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