No Freeze Heated Water Hose Review

by Ken Morris

I worked in North Dakota for 3 year's at a 452 site RV park where I did all the maintenance. I have seen every hose out there.  All those red and blue ones you can buy at the retail stores.  I have only seen one that really works, the NoFreezeWater Hose. 

The owner of Truck Wash Express, moved 14 RV's in the park. I set them up for him. He bought 4 of those cheap red one's bought at the store and two of them leaked right away.

I told him about this No Freeze water hose. So he bought 14 of them. I never had any thing go wrong with them. I have one for myself.

I would recommend this hose to anyone. You may pay a little more than the other one's. But it is well worth it. I saw many of the other one's freeze up, an leak at the swivel end.

Jason Pelafigue

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