7 Winter RV Camping Tips to Stay Safe and Warm This Season

by Ken Morris

Winter RV camping lets you take your family out for the vacation of your dreams while getting to see the open road.

To get the most out of your RV travel, you'll need to protect it so that it can get through the winter.

The more work you put into making your recreational vehicle safe and sound through these months, the easier it'll be to make your travel worthwhile. With this in mind, follow these strategies so that your RV is well cared for.

Buy A Top Notch Heater For Winter RV Camping

If you want to make it through January and February temperatures, it starts with installing a heater that'll keep everyone inside your RV safe.

There are a lot of heater models that will keep every nook and cranny of your RV as safe as possible. This way, everyone will stay healthy and comfortable during travel and when staying at a campground.

Space heaters can be dangerous, so make sure that you find a secondary heater that is energy efficient and less hazardous. Having a backup heater will save energy and allow you to have recourse if your primary heating system dies out during travel.

Invest In Accessories That Will Keep You Warm

When you want to stay warm, don't leave it up to the RV equipment alone. You can purchase a set of heated blankets that allow everyone on the inside to be comfortable.

These blankets are electrically powered and will allow you to cycle between many different settings. The blankets are tailor-made for people who enjoy camping trips because it'll keep you warm in different weather conditions without you having to expend a lot of energy.

Get An Inspection And A Tuneup

There's no substitute for maintenance when it comes to getting the best out of your RV. This goes double when you're looking into winter RV camping.

It's important that you take the time to get regular RV inspections and tune-ups so that the engine and all other parts are kept in great condition. An inspection points you in the direction of repairs you need to get done, while a tuneup makes sure that your engine and all other moving parts are in tip-top shape.

You can take your RV in for a tune-up for the cost of about $300 or so.

Be particularly diligent about getting RV tune-ups and maintenance in the fall so that you're able to make it through the winter without a problem. You also need to make sure that your RV repair shop is up to the task and that they're great at all of the maintenance they provide.

This way, you're not leaving this work to just anybody and will get the most out of every piece of work that they handle.

Drain Your Fluids Prior To Winter

Draining your fluids is one of the best steps you can take when getting ready for winter.

The reason for this is that some fluids are prone to freezing when left unchecked.

Make sure that you pack away your RV in a safe area that has climate control as well. You can purchase a fluid vac to siphon your fluids or bring in a professional RV repair shop that can handle it.

This way, your winter RV camping will be productive and you won't have to worry about engine and transmission issues that take place when your fluids go bad.

Install A No Freeze Fluid Hose

Aside from draining your fluids, one of the best steps you can take is to safeguard your fluids by upgrading your hoses.

You can invest in some insulated fluid hoses that will keep your oil, radiator fluid, and all other fluids from freezing when the temperatures drop.

If you're looking to draw water during the course of your RV trip, it will also be worth your while to invest in a no freeze hose that will keep your water below freezing temperatures.

Make sure that this hose is the length and type that you need. It can hook up to your RV so that you're never without water for washing and cleaning.

Skirt The RV

When you're trying to winterize your RV, it's important to consider skirting it as well.

Skirting the RV involves putting a protective barrier around the undercarriage. This way you're able to get great performance out of the recreation vehicle without worrying about freezing.

An RV contractor can help you with this, making sure that the skirt material fits the perimeter of your RV snugly. You'll have the chance to keep your RV out of harm's way and avoid damaging repairs.

Plan Out The Logistics Of Your Trip

Planning your trip logistics is one of the most important parts of winter RV camping.

You'll be able to map out your route and get in touch with campgrounds in advance. By touching base with campgrounds, you'll know whether they are closed for the season.

This way, you don't take an unnecessary trip that can leave you in harm's way.

Planning out your RV travel will also allow you to see what kind of amenities they offer. When you know the amenities offered, you'll be sure they have enough hookups for any of your accessories.

Be sure that you also keep some apps handy that will let you plan around treacherous routes and road closures. The more planning you do, the easier it'll be to avoid obstacles.

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We are experts in the RV world and will happily provide you with the advice or purchase you are looking for. Consider these winter RV camping tips and know that we have no shortage of advice.

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