7 Awesome Benefits of Living in an RV Year Round

by Ken Morris

Over 2.5 million households in the USA already own an RV and are enjoying the freedom that vacationing on wheels has to offer.

It's not all fun and games though. For many of these families, it's a permanent way of life. These full-timers are not all old-timers either, many of them are young, tech-savvy individuals searching for a better way to live.

Truth is, living in an RV year-round is awesome and here's why...

1. The Freedom of the Road

RV trailer living gives you the kind of freedom that renting or owning a house can't offer.

You can head off into the sunset as you please every weekend without having to find a house-sitter. If you work from home, that perk applies to any day of the week.

This kind of mobility also lets you choose the views you'd like to wake up to in the morning. Don't like your neighbors? Smile and wave goodbye.

You can relocate according to time and budget constraints and migrate to a warmer climate as you see fit. In the event of a looming catastrophe, such as a hurricane, you can drive out of harm's way.

2. No Reservations Necessary

Year-round campers never have to pack their luggage or prepare months in advance for a trip. You can't leave anything behind either.

While traveling in an RV, you can sleep in your own bed surrounded by familiar comforts. There's no worry about what your accommodation or meals will be like on arrival.

Depending on when and where you travel, you'll usually find it easy to rock up unannounced at a campsite and stay the night. Likewise, if you experience unexpected travel delays on the way to your next stop, you're sorted for overnight accommodation.

If you don't like the campsite that you've chosen, it's dead easy to pack up and head for greener pastures. You don't need to sell your house or cancel your lease to move on. Imagine never having to face another moving day...

3. Living in an RV Year-Round is Economical

When you take advantage of year-round RV living you are in control of your expenses. With careful planning and the right RV, you can cut down your expenses by as much as you like.

You don't need to be a math whizz to figure out that the installments on an RV are nowhere near a house mortgage. Once you've paid off your RV and vehicle, the only fixed expenses you need to worry about are your insurance and rental fees for the campground.

The average price of RV camping in the USA is around $29 but you can find cheaper rentals by shopping around. Most RV parks have discounted rates for full-timers and there are also public parks which offer free camping.

Utilities, security, and other perks are usually included in the rate. Fewer luxuries, such as satellite TV hookup, mean lower daily prices. In this way, you aren't tied to a fixed rental and can downgrade during a bad month, or spoil yourself when things are going well.

Either way, you'll get to see far more of the country than you would when harnessed to a hefty mortgage repayment.

4. Escape From Debt with RV Living

It makes sense that with lower monthly expenses you can pay off any existing debt quicker.

With limited space, you can't indulge in further debt-gathering urges like splurging on appliances and furniture. This means a lot fewer meaningless possessions to worry about.

Instead, you'll be collecting priceless memories and experiences, not to mention the peace of mind that comes from debt-free living.

When you've saved up some money, you can always go back to an ordinary lifestyle. It's unlikely that you'll want to though.

5. It's a Low Maintenance Option

Living in a camper year round means you never have to mow the lawn, paint or clean the pool. Cleaning your house only takes a few minutes every day and it's easy to keep a small space clean and clutter free.

Household tasks like mowing the lawn and dealing with maintenance issues become a thing of the past.

This leaves you with a whole lot of free time for work and play.

6. You Can't Beat the Convenience

Despite these budget cuts, you can still enjoy a good level of comfort living in a camper year-round.

The deal comes with day to day benefits you'll take for granted after a while. For example, unless you're driving, you can continue with online work in transit. A soft drink or a cup of warm coffee is always within reach too.

If you're invited to an engagement in a nearby state, your only extra expense is your fuel. You need never miss a wedding, anniversary or other special occasions again.

RV life takes some getting used to but many of these challenges soon become second nature. You'll soon settle into a system for arranging the necessary hookups and dealing with daily chores like laundry.

There are ways to get around winter and other minor discomforts that life on the road brings with it.

7. You'll Meet Loads of People

There's always something on the go at RV parks. If you like to mingle with the crowds you'll love this aspect of life on the road. Swimming pools, games rooms, and other communal areas are fantastic places to meet up with fellow travelers.

What's more, many of your fellow campers are on vacation. This gives RV parks a relaxed and festive atmosphere, year-round. If you prefer to keep to yourself, that's easy too - choose an isolated site far from the entertainment areas.

These social gatherings will also immerse you in a community of like-minded thrifty travelers. Whenever you need help or advice about RV living, you'll have a pool of knowledge to draw from.

Are You Ready to Hit the Road?

Are you tempted to take up the less-is-more approach of living in an RV year-round? If you are finding the stress of suburban or city life unbearable, hitting the road could be a good option for you.

Before you quit your job and sell all your possessions, do some more research about whether this is the lifestyle for you.

Our blog and website have plenty of information to guide you along your journey. Keep reading.

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