7 Benefits of a Heated Waste Hose with Pigtails and Conversion Kit

by Elaine Morris

If the risk of a frozen waste hose stifles your dream of winter RV adventuring in cold climates, it’s time to dig out your woolies and get on the road! Why spend the winter snowbirding in the desert when you can head north instead?

With a heated hose, all things are possible. Add in pigtails and a conversion kit and you’re ready to take the show on the road with no worry about frozen lines or unpleasant messes.

Read on and we’ll tell you all about the advantages of a heated waste hose with pigtails and a conversion kit.

1. Be the First on the Block

While the industrial sector knows about no freeze water hoses, the technology hasn’t caught on as quickly for the RVers, tiny home residents, and people living as work campers.

It’s here now!

We can’t imagine anyone not feeling excited about being the first on the block to enjoy the benefits of using a no-freeze waste hose. Add pigtails to the equation and you’re enjoying the best innovative technology available for mobile travel, living, and working.

It’s not so much that you want to one-up everyone else. But why not take advantage of something that can keep you enjoying the lifestyle you love for more months out of the year?

2. The All-Weather Waste Hose

If you’re an RV owner who loves the experience of boondocking in the winter, great! But it’s not only RVers who benefit from a no-freeze waste hose. Imagine living your dream in an off grid tiny house.

Using results from a survey done a few years back, we found that around 1.7 billion people world-wide live off the grid. About 180,000 people in the United States live off the grid according to that same survey. Certainly, a percentage of those live in tiny homes.

Whether you RV or are passionate about tiny home living, you need a viable waste removal system that withstands temperatures in colder climates.

If you’ve ever woken up to a frozen waste hose, you know it’s one of the worst RV or tiny home disasters you can experience. The standard waste hoses constructed from plastic, can cracks under the pressure of freezing temperatures. If that happens, no more waste hose.

It’s not only the idea of a cracked and disabled waste hose. What do you do with the frozen waste?

With a heated waste hose, you’ll have a reliable, freeze-free option for ensuring liquid and waste gets transported with no worry or mess.

3. Heated Hose on the Go

Convenience is another fantastic advantage of using a heated waste hose.

Use the hose at your camp or work site. Disconnect and take it with you to your cabin in the woods, or fish camp. You can also use the hose at home, if needed. but don’t worry if you also want to use at home.

Wherever you have access to a power source and water, the heated hose delivers.

Speaking of using the hose on the go, you'll also love the advantage of a conversion kit. Let's look at how a conversion kit works.

4. You Won't Worry About Adjusting a Thermostat

Another thing many other heated hose products don't offer is self-regulation. That means you are the regulator and responsible for ensuring the thermostat is set properly. Not to mention you have the job of making sure it's working at all times during cold weather.

Introducing the first self-regulated a.k.a. thermostat-free waste hose.

Constructed with a 3" reinforced polyethylene hose core, there's no need for a thermostat. The core material senses temperature changes and changes the output of heat accordingly.

5. No More Old-Fashioned Bayonets

The RV industry currently uses a bayonet-style waste outlet assembly to transfer liquids and waste. It’s an outdated system.

One of the bigger issues with the bayonet fitting is the 360-degree seal inside the waste hose connection.

A 360-degree seal requires a twist-and-lock motion. Over time, you’re applying repeated friction, which can lead to premature wearing out of the connector. A worn connector is more likely to spring a leak.

Use a conversion kit with a female cam lock and keep the old 4-point bayonet fittings! 

With a little DIY elbow grease and a few simple tools, you convert your outdated hose and connector to the same type of system used by airlines and water treatment plants. Remember what we said about being the first one on the block to use new technology?

6. What About Those Pigtails?

If you felt excited when you read about using a heated waste hose, you'll get goosebumps when you discover the benefits of using pigtails.

Pigtails work with heat trace technology. Heat trace either maintains or raises the temperature inside your waste hose. A pigtail extends heat trace to 12 inches beyond the hose.

Ready to jump on board with another innovative tool that your RV buddies haven't yet discovered? Adding a pigtail to a waste hose, helps protect spigots and connection points from freezing.

7. Easy Storage Options

If you've ever hustled to find a place where you can store your waste hose in the off-season, you'll love this waste hose. 

Because it's insulated, the hose not only works in any environment, it doesn't need a special warm, cozy place when it's not in use. You can leave it outside, buried under a snow bank. You can store it in an uninsulated shed or garage with no worry about cracking.

Now that's a benefit any RV owner or ice hut lover should appreciate. After all, who wants a waste hose hanging around their personal living space?

Ready to Try a Heated Hose?

Hopefully, we're inspired you to try some cold weather boondocking. Maybe we've even shown you that you can live in your off-grid home year-round.

With a heated hose, a conversion kit, and pigtails, you can go anywhere at anytime. 

Whether you're ready to buy, or just have more questions, we're hear to chat. Shoot us a quick email at support@nofreezehose.com, or give us a call at 614.339.5088.

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