America's Most Stunning Winter Vacation Destinations for RVs

by Ken Morris

Fans of RV trips should consider vacationing in the winter when temperatures start to drop. An RV allows you to enjoy scenic destinations while saving you money. Take the average cost of living in an RV park: It's less than $600 per month.

Some winter vacation destinations just have to be experienced in an RV. The intimate experience you get with being so close to nature is unparalleled. Taking an Uber out to the park just isn't the same as stepping out your door and being surrounded by nature.

To inspire the inner adventurer in you, we've put together a list of the best winter RV locations in the country. These locations will never leave you stranded or thinking about booking a room in a stuffy hotel.

Key West, Florida

Florida is an RV snowbird's dream. There are plenty of coastal sections that you can pick for outstanding accommodations. We think making your way down as far south as possible is worth the effort. Key West has unbelievable weather during the winter.

You won't have to pack any long sleeves or sweaters, even the coldest nights only get down to about 50 degrees. Why do we like Key West for RV campers? Well, the fact that you can cross an entire island on a bike or scooter doesn't hurt.

You can also just park in a discrete location and just enjoy the beach mere footsteps away from wherever you're at.

Pacific Coast Highway

For those who are looking for more road action, you must try the stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway. It runs from Oregon down to the bottom of California. Where you start is up to you and how long you want your trip to last.

Some winter RV travelers like to start in Oregon in the fall and make their way down to sunny California to park and soak up the sun. There are many benefits to living in an RV year around. Exploring long stretches of roads likes these is one of them.

The highway spans over 550 miles, giving you access to multiple ski slopes, beaches, hiking trails, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Adult travelers can even go on winery tasting tours if they so please.

The Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Let's keep things heated up as we move to the famous Rio Grande. The region in Texas is a hot vacation destination for nearly every season. It's a great mix of younger vacationers and older snowbirds.

For RV travelers, you have tons of great parks and places to go nature-watching. Winter visitor numbers in the Rio Grande has been growing steadily. This can be because of more accommodations, festivities, and better rates for RV campers. Northern Mexico is also just across the way, which makes short vacations even more memorable.

Quartzsite, Arizona

This place is practically dead and uninteresting outside of winter months. Come December and January, things start to get moving for RV'ers. This is a very popular gathering for RV snowbirds each year.

Partake in contests, events, and beautiful nature tours. You can stay in Quartzsite for as little as $200, but don't expect any amenities you'd find at your average campground. This is a great stop for any winter road trip because you'll find a ton of unique wares and homemade goods.

Coastal Georgia RV Resort, GA

This spot was made especially for snowbird RV'ers, giving you access to all the comforts and amenities you could ask for. This nice little patch in Brunswick, Georgia lets you enjoy the beach and partake in outdoor activities.

This locale features more than 105 campsites with paved roads, full hookups, showers, bathrooms, grills, pet-friendly stations, and more. The resort also has plenty of lakeside attractions, places to fish, and paddle boating.

Colorado Springs

Get the best mixture of mountain canyons, forest hikes, rushing waters, and amazing natural springs. Colorado Springs is perfect for camping out in your RV and getting to know nature. There's plenty of art, cultural, and entertainment festivities to take part in.

Choose between the Garden of the Gods RV Resort, Pikes Peak RV Park, or Foot of the Rockies. Each one offers its own environment, amenities, and access to various attractions. Cabin rentals are also available if you're in the mood for fireplace activities and warm company.

Colorado Springs is perfect for family adventures and romantic getaways in the winter. There's beauty everywhere you look.

The Space Coast, FL

If you don't feel like driving all the way down to Key West, we encourage you to visit Florida's infamous Space Coast. This stretch of camping grounds and RV parks surrounding Daytona Beach is filled with life. You have major golf courses, fishing, and tons of tourist hotspots.

If your kids are insistent, Disney World isn't too far away and is not a bad place for RV vacationers to visit. They have special camper parks nearby that makes access to the theme parks easy.

Port Canaveral is obvious a big must-see part of Space Coast. Come to enjoy the history, the warm weather, and the community of fellow campers. This is your chance to see spaceships and NASA's legacy of exploration.

More Winter Vacation Destinations and Tips

Winter vacation destinations can pose unique challenges for RV travelers. It's important to prepare for the elements during your RV vacation. Keeping your RV in tip-top shape is important for preventing reduced gas mileage.

Use an RV essentials travel checklist like this one to prevent any surprises. You can never be too prepared when it comes to vacations. Leaving things behind can be costly to replace on the road, especially if all you have is miles of gas stations.

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