How Does A No Freeze Water Hose Work?

by Ken Morris

A no freeze water hose is an essential requirement for your RV during the winter. But it's not only for campers. This equipment is crucial in many other situations, such as on farms and in industry.

Other types of hoses can freeze up, which not only prevents water getting to your taps, but can cause damage to the hose - so it'll have to be replaced.

There are steps you can take to prevent regular hoses from freezing, but when you're camping out you may not be able to do many of these.

Most crucially, without one, you may not have a reliable source of running water to your van.

But how does a no freeze water hose work? And why is it so vital? What can it be used for?

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The Electrical Heating Element

The key to making a successful no freeze water hose is a reliable heating element.

This element is powered by electricity, and self-regulates to maintain a consistent temperature.

During winter, this stops water sitting in the hose from freezing and causing damage. This means that you don't have to be constantly worrying about your normal hose and trying to protect it with bodged-together insulation and so on.

It will not overheat, and it will not burn itself out. This is thanks to the fact that it is a self-regulating unit. It 'knows' when to turn itself off, or turn down the heat.

This is a feature we're incredibly proud of, as it responds to massive swings in temperature fast. Its robustness means that you can be assured of high-quality water flow at all times.

How Do I Know It's Safe to Use?

All components used in our no freeze water hoses are compliant with a number of regulatory requirements.

While there are some safety requirements you'll need to observe while using it (it's an electrical appliance, after all), it's our duty to keep all users of the hose as safe as they possibly could be.

The insulation is fire resistant and the hose material is greenlit for use in food production and the supply of drinking water under regulation NSF-61.

That's a required standard in North America, and we're very pleased to live up to it, with each and every hose we produce.

So don't worry. Our no freeze water hose is as safe as it possibly could be.

What Can a No Freeze Water Hose Be Used For?

The great news is that our no freeze water hose has many uses, and can supply water in temperature ranges from 10 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

But it can work at temperatures as low as minus 40, making it the ideal companion for your van in frosty and snowy conditions. Those can be unpleasant enough without having to try to de-ice a hosepipe.

And its insulated outer layer keeps it pliable at extremely low temperatures too. Making it a great all-rounder for many applications.

It's food-safe, so you can use it while washing and cooking food without any issues. Of course, be sure that the water source wherever you're camping is fine to drink first, and purify it after it comes through the tap if necessary.

However, RV owners looking for a hot meal aren't the only people who can benefit from using our hoses. They're used on farms, in mines, by horse owners, and in other industrial applications too.

It's even been used in rescue and relief efforts, such as during Hurricane Sandy, to provide flowing water in adverse conditions.

Having free-flowing water in a wintery pinch is certainly not to be sniffed at, and our satisfied customers have made use of these hoses in a huge number of different ways.

What If I Need a Customized Hose for Another Purpose?

Customized heated hoses aren't too easy to find, but luckily you're in the right place. We have constructed many hoses for unique uses throughout North America.

So whether you're looking to get one which is a bit longer than usual, or if you'd like to pump something other than water, get in touch.

Once we know more about your circumstances, our expert team will be able to advise on a suitable course of action.

Where Can I Buy a No Freeze Water Hose?

If you'd like to order a no freeze water hose, get in touch with us directly. Or alternatively, you can order one online instead.

They're available in sizes between 15 and 100 feet as standard, but as we mentioned above, you can order a customized hose if you need something a little different to our regular stock.

We pride ourselves on this piece of specialist equipment, which we supply to you at an affordable price. And we only sell direct, so that we can ensure top quality no freeze water hoses for all.

Not many companies would tell you how many returned items they had last year, but we believe in transparency. The answer is two. We fixed those right up and sent them back out to the delight of their owners.

You can always rely on us to deliver quality at a consistent level, and put things right in the very rare cases where things don't live up to our high standards.

If you need any instruction on how to use your new hose, please refer to our user instruction manual - and we advise that you have a good read of this before you use the hose for the first time.

Any other questions about these hoses, please just contact us on 614-339-5088. We'll be happy to talk through your thoughts with you and provide detailed answers to any queries you might have.

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