Competition - Heated Water Hoses

There simply isn't a day that goes by where we do not hear a negative comments about all the other heated hoses available in the marketplace.  Because we spend so much time fielding these calls, here are the most common complaints and issues we hear:

1.     The biggest complaint we here is they simply do not work.  They may work a few times, and maybe even a winter if you're lucky, but if your looking for it to last in extreme conditions of for long periods of time do not get your expectations up.

2.     Very poor quality.  If you have a hose that does work, you will notice the very low quality fittings, hose core and electrical plug.  Their hoses are not build to withstand high pressure, huge variations in termpratures or any weight on the fittings. 

3.  Horrendous taste.  The inside of a drinking water hose should always be white and FDA approved.  While many claim to be FDA approved, they have a black inside filled with plastic dust that you should not be drinking out of.  

4.  Customer Service is nonexistant.  Why buy from a third party when you can buy direct.  You'll always deal with a decision maker here.


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