Uses - Heated Water Hose

 Flows while others Fail

Who uses our hoses?

Full-Time RVers, Winter Campers, Farmers, Equestrian, Workcampers, Miners, Liveaboards, Back Yard Farmers and Tiny House Owners to name a few.


Rocky Ground, Steep Inclines, Frozen Tundra, Water from Pump House, Water to Pond, Back Yard Skating Rinks, Power Sprayers, Hood Cleaners, Car Washes, Filling Stock-Tanks, Hot House Water Supply, Water for Livestock and Horses, Washing Equipment and many more.

What are some Commercial & Industrial Uses?

Water supply to Job-Site Trailers, Concrete Cutting, Temporary Housing, Mobile Workforce, Emergency Triage, Mobile MRI, Demolition, Abatement, Asbestos Removal, Man Camps, Coal Mines,  Dust Control, Cement Trucks, Municipal Water Supply, Portable Restrooms, Bridge Builders, Prefabrication, Modularization, Canadian Sawmills and Port Authorities.

Who are our Clients?

Price Gregory, US Pipeline, PepsiCo, Kohler, Delta, American Airlines, Apache Corp, Canadian Special Forces, CIVEO, Lone Tree Camps, Eco-Built Homes, Domtar, CaptiveAire, Aggregate-US, Army, Navy, Air Force, and the National Guard to name a few.

Not only will you find our hoses at most RV camps, they've also been used at the Olympics in Vancouver, Hurricane Sandy Relief and at Presidential Inaugurations. 

However, you will not find our hoses in stores as we only sell direct so we can control the pricing, performance, satisfaction and offer double the best warranty you can find.