Specs for Heated Drinking Water Hose

Hose Core – High Purity LLDPE Water Hose:  A flexible, non-contaminating food grade hose that is ideal for use in food, beverage and water applications.

FDA – Material complies with 21 CFR 177,1520 (c) 3.1 (b)

NSF – Hose is listed under Standard 51, Plastics Materials and Components used in Food Equipment for contact up to 125° F., and under NSF-61 for transfer of drinking water up to a temperature of 87° F.

Proposition 65 – Compounds contain no substances designated as hazardous under California Proposition 65.

Temperature (°F)                                 10 to 140

Nominal ID Size (Inches/mm)            ¾ (19.0)

Nominal OD Size (Inches/mm)           1.125 (28.6)

Max. Working Pressure at 70° F         200 PSI

Max. Working Pressure at 122°F        100 PSI

Heater Element –  Self-Regulating Heating Cable Electrical heating cable for frost protection or temperature maintenance of instrument lines and pipe work in safe or hazardous locations.

Industrial grade self-limiting heater

Operates on 120 VAC normal house current

Will not overheat or burnout

Draws 1.5A per 25 foot hose length

Power output is self-regulated in response to the hose temperature

Max. Temperature                               65°C (149°F)

Minimum Installation Temperature     -40°C (-40°F)

Power Supply                                      110 – 120 VAC

Temperature Classification                 T6 (85°C)

Maximum Resistance of Protective Braiding 18.2 Ohm/km

Approval Details:  CENELEC, ATEX, IEC, FM, SEMKO, CSA, Lloyds Register

Thermal Insulation – Foam Seal Industrial PVC Foam:

Engineered to provide a cost-effective solution to your most demanding sealing and cushioning requirements.  This closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam can be produced with or without adhesive. 

Remains flexible at -20° C to 80° C

Resistant to most solvents and chemicals

Fire resistant per FMVSS 302

Ultraviolet resistant, Seals out light, air, dust and moisture

Cushions against vibration and noise, Does not absorb moisture 

Outer Cover – Braided Polyester Monofilament

Durable woven covering

Will not tear

Good to -40° C temperatures

Ultraviolet and fire-resistant, Does not absorb moisture