Recent Pirit Heated Hose Reviews

by Elaine Morris
October 17, 2019
This hose worked for two winters. I was very careful with it and stored it indoors when the season was over.
This year it does not work. There is no way to tell if it works or not until you get freezing weather.
It was expensive to purchase and not worth it to me to only be able to use it for two winters. I will not replace it. I used it to water my horses. This winter I will use expandable hoses and bring them into the laundry room after each use. It's too bad.
October 14, 2019
Bought for a fifth wheel and temperatures haven't even hit negative yet and the hose already froze up. The little thermometer thing is too short. Basically pointless. I'm very disappointed as of right now.
October 14, 2019
This busted the first winter I used it . The second day at 32° that was it! Tried to talk to Amazon about it they said call the manufacturers...manufacturer said call Amazon...waste of money

October 12, 2019
This hose was ordered in August to be prepared for winter in my RV. First freeze of the year in Colorado was October 9th. Hose froze on first use. Contacted through Amazon and was informed that the return was not approved due to time expired. Guess I should have found a way to freeze a 100ft hose in August??? This is a sham, and crap hose. $200 and product never once worked.

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