Heated Water Hose Reviews

by Ken Morris

I just bought one of these because we winter camp in a 5th wheel, currently in Minnesota in November! WOW, this is the MOAH! (Mother Of All Hoses).

We haven't had 40 below zero yet (and hope we don't!), but this thing is so well constructed, it is a beauty to behold! It differs from other heated hoses because it has no temperamental THERMOSTAT, one of several features that make it "different".

Never EVER saw a water hose of this quality - looks like it might last forever it is such good quality. Pricey (I needed a 50-footer), but likely the last water hose you will ever have to buy in your life for cold-weather use.

The folks in Ohio who took my order were very helpful and kept me informed on progress while they waited for materials from one of the hurricane/flood-sticken areas of the country, that set them back a little on delivery times. It arrived sooner than I expected anyway!

I give them 👍👍👍👍👍 on service! Best of all, MADE IN THE USA!

Sue Iauta

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